When it comes to supplying Spirit Dispensers and Spirit Measures, our Barlines site can genuinely boast in offering the very best products available, from the international market leading TOP Dispenser through to the long-established, conical style Traditional Dispenser.

Complying with the prevailing weights and measures regulations is a legal requirement for any trade establishment that is serving spirits and all of our spirit dispensers are factory verified and tested to exacting Trading Standards specifications.

Spirit Dispensers still remain the most accurate, efficient and fastest way of serving spirits or liqueurs, meaning you can increase sales at busy trading periods but at the same time, minimise spillage and wastage.
As you would expect with products that dispense spirits, all of the dispensers from Barlines are manufactured from high-quality, food grade plastics, meeting European regulations on articles that are in contact with foodstuffs.Make sure your customers receive a full measure every time and purchase your Spirit Dispensers from Barlines.