There are some obvious comparisons between a gourmet chef and the expertise in using his knives and a drinks mixologist being just as serious about the quality of the bar tools he chooses to use in the preparation of drinks. After all, quality bartending tools were designed to help make the perfect drink.

The perfect drink is both memorable and remarkable, as are the skills and expertise shown by the bartender in creating that drink.

At Barlines, we have adopted this very same approach when putting together our range of cocktail bartending tools. The key essentials for any bar kit should include;

Cocktail Shakers – Complete 3 piece; Complete 2 piece or a Boston Tin & Glass

Mixing Spoons – with masher/ sugar crusher end, with fork end or teardrop

Bar Strainers – Hawthorne Style, Julep Style or Fine Mesh

Juicers – Mexican Elbow or single slice squeezers

Muddlers – Stainless steel or Plastic

All the cocktail bartending tools are designed, manufactured and finished to exacting standards. We set out to deliver the best tools for the job and we believe that from the first touch through to sustained use, they will continue to produce that perfect drink.