With the growing trend for ‘front of bar’ serving for spirits, choosing the right kind of bottle top pourer can be very confusing with all the variety of products available in today’s marketplace.

At Barlines, we have kept things very simple and our offer is guaranteed to cover all the requirements an establishment may have for ‘free pouring’:

Our medium-flow freeflow pourer is constructed from stainless steel throughout and laser welded to provide both greater accuracy and durability. By utilising these high-quality materials and manufacturing processes, the typical issues of breakage and leakage associated with many styles of cheaper pourer are avoided.

Our shot pourers give a measured pour ideal for creating cocktails – a drink that consists of 3 or more liquids. Whilst shot pourers are not calibrated measuring instruments like a Spirit Dispenser, they are still available in a range of dispense capacities from 2cl to 5cl.

The shot pourers are manufactured from food grade plastics and designed for constant use in a trade environment.

Harking back to the golden era for cocktails, our deluxe chrome ball pourers provide any bartender a quick and effective way of dispensing spirits or liqueurs. The automatic pour feature allows for speed of serve whilst retaining the essential theatre of front of bar dispense.