Ice has become a very important part of the growing trend for cocktails and classic long mixed drinks. Used correctly, it will maintain the right temperature of your chosen drink without diluting its alcoholic strength.

A steady supply of ice is therefore, essential to the smooth operation of any bar and an ice bucket is the perfect bar tool for storing and serving ice.

We offer a wide variety of traditional ice buckets from high quality stainless steel through to plastic ice buckets that provide ice storage capacities from the smallest 1 litre, suitable for a single table serve right up to the largest 10 litre, suitable for the busiest of bar environments.

If you are hosting a larger scale event, then many of our bigger capacity coolers can double up as ice troughs, as well as keeping multiple bottles chilled on ice.

To help with serving ice, Barlines can offer easy to use Ice Tongs or Ice Scoops – adding just enough ice to a customer’s drink.